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Mar 3

Vocational training courses and schools that increased in popularity in the past two years


In the past few years, job markets all over the world changed due to a continuously increasing demand for certain jobs. Cosmetology schools, barber schools, and other profile schools, seem to be in demand more and more. While up until recently university courses were almost a given for all high-school students, this trend seems to decrease. The job market for positions that require higher studies is limited and many individuals risk to become unable to attempt a career path if a choice like this is made. Below are some schools, programs and training courses that have become more and more popular in the past few years.

Cosmetology programs

Cosmetology programs and beauty schools that are offering those are becoming increasingly popular amongst more and more high-school students. This usually happens because of the raised costs of attending University courses, but also because of the opportunities offered by such programs in a relatively short time. Unlike their fellow university students, cosmetology programs attendees have the possibility to enter the job market in considerably less time, provide for themselves sooner and become independent sooner. The job demand for such experts may vary from city to city, and the salaries as well, but there never seem to be too many experts in cosmetology. Also, recent statistics anticipate that in the following 10 years, the job opportunities for these experts will increase by 10%. Also, you can specialise in various cosmetology areas, depending on your career goals and passions. Keep in mind that not all schools that offer such courses treat all the areas in this expansive category, so make sure you search for the one that suits you before enrolling. Make sure that the school also has all the necessary licenses. If they don’t you won’t be able to professionally perform and enter the job market.

Nursing schools

Nursing schools, amongst other vocational schools also increased in popularity in the past two years, and this year these are expected to grow in demand even more. As former president Obama emphasized, young individuals should be able to choose from a variety of schools of this kind. Across the USA, there is a shortage of registered nurses, and while medical schools take too long to accomplish, vocational schools are able to offer the same education, but in considerably less time. In the following ten years, the job offers for these professionals is expected to grow between 20% and 40%.

Legal assistant schools

Paralegals and legal assistants are some of those job opportunities that can be easily accessed by those who follow a dedicated school. With generous wages and collaboration opportunities, there is no surprise that these schools became crowded with students eager to finish the courses and enter the job market.

Engineering schools

These specialists are in high demand, especially due to the diversity of matters and jobs that they are suitable for. From heating and air conditioning to domestic electrical systems, the job offer for these experts becomes incresingly generous. 


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