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Mar 23

Tips on How to Survive the Exam Session Stress 

Undoubtedly, the exam session is extremely stressful for any student.  It is an overwhelming period that makes your heart beat faster and experience high levels of stress and anxiety. No matter how well-prepared they might be for the upcoming exams, some students deal with excessive worry, fear of being evaluated, and apprehension about the consequences. Finding effective methods to cope with exam stress is extremely important. First of all, while experiencing excessive worries, your brain can barely focus on studying which only makes you more anxious. Also, dealing with high levels of stress for a long time can affect your overall wellbeing.  Here are a few tips that will help you ease the pain that studying and stress cause during the finals week.

Create a study schedule

The most terrifying part of studying during the exam session is getting lost and overwhelmed in what you have to study. Moreover, if time is against you and you feel like you will not succeed to study all the learning materials in time, you will most likely start experiencing signs of stress. By creating a detailed study schedule, you will be able to easily keep a track of when and what you are supposed to study. This way you will avoid having to study all night long the night before the exam. By scheduling when and what you need to learn, you will study in time to be prepared for every exam you need to take. Moreover, to manage exam stress in an efficient way and avoid allowing it to affect your health, make sure to take frequent short breaks to refresh your mind. 

Use effective learning tools

The worst mistake college students tend to do is to stick with one way of studying. Not only that it becomes boring and hard to concentrate at after some time, but it may also not be the right study technique for you. Nowadays, in the era of digital revolution, various learning materials and techniques can be easily found online. Online books, online lessons, various knowledge, and lecture notes for odabasi kirli, zeynep asli can help you get ready for your exams in less time. Each student has their own studying style and prefers using specific learning tools. While studying, try different learning methods and techniques to find out what type of learner you are.


Sleep properly

Students who are dealing with high levels of stress during the exam session usually experience troubles sleeping.  Getting proper night sleep is crucial in order to be able to study productively. Our brains and bodies need to recover and refresh during the time we sleep. Yet, numerous students forget about the importance of sleep for the proper function of their brains. They tend to stay up late the night before the exam trying to learn a large amount of learning material. Sacrificing sleeping hours for studying will unlikely have a positive impact on the results. For your brain to function to its full potential, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep.



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