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Oct 16

The Problems in the US Education System

Our world has advanced greatly in the last century yet if there is want thing that we can’t still master is change. Due to the fact that change is often unexpected, people have a hard time adapting to it and integrating it into their life. However, our society is advancing with fast steps and it is important to adapts our systems to it. In USA the system which encounters most change related problems is education. Despite the government’s effort to implement new teaching methods, our education system is still very unstable and inefficient.

  • Unequal access to education

A major problem in the American educational system is the fact that certain areas have worse education facilities than other. As a result, there is an unequal education level across the country. The public school system has fallen behind a lot of countries. Furthermore, due to the fact that the private schools are more organized and better equipped, the students who attend them are considered to be more employable than the students who attend public schools.

  • Teacher training

There is a lot of focus on what the students are learning and how they are assimilating information. However, very little interest is given to the teacher training. Furthermore a lot of people still believe that learning can still be done by following the conventional rules. Yet the information that is found in books can easily be found on the internet. It is important to train teachers in order for them to implement interactive learning methods.

  • Testing System

Given the fact that the education system is growing in complexity children are being tested from a very early age. However the problem with testing small children is the fact that they start viewing school as a competition and they fail to recognize the value of knowledge. Standard tests only determine a child’s ability to memorize and not his level of education. Instead of the classic tests small children should be graded based on interactive projects that test their ability to apply the knowledge that they assimilated. Standard tests should only be used for older students which already know the importance of education.

  • School violence and dropouts

At a high school level, the problems have a more social nature. There are many students who don’t come to school in order to learn but in order to integrate themselves in a social system. As a result there are a lot of acts of violence in school nowadays. These acts of violence are often caused by problems at home or neighborhood environment. Schools are supposed to be safe environments yet little action is being taken in order to prevent violence in schools. Furthermore the drop out rate has increased considerably in the last years. In order for these problems to disappear it is important to invest in school safety. If students felt safer at school, they would see it as a heaven where they can escape their problems and where they could build a bright future for themselves.

Given these facts, we can conclude that the US education system needs to be more flexible in order to be able to adapt itself to the society. We must invest in public school funding, teacher training, school safety measures and interactive teaching and testing methods.


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