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Mar 21

The importance of outdoor play in schools


Specialists have always said that children need to play as much as possible because by playing they develop different skills and understand better the world. Usually, they do what they see because everything is learnt by imitation. However, they must have wonderful models in order to use their imagination in a positive manner. Unfortunately, nowadays children don’t have enough time to play since they should stay so many hours at schools where there are so many rules. But they need to feel free in order to grow healthy and happy. It is very important to encourage kids to play more outside because this is a healthy habit. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why school playground equipment should be integrated in every school and kindergarten. There are so many benefits of playground areas, including mental and physical benefits.

Developing social skills

Children must play together, so the playground equipment is exactly what they need. They will become more sociable during time and they will make so many new friends. It is not recommended to let the children alone in the house because they will become anxious and unconfident. They must spend more time outside where they will feel free and ready to explore the world. But they need to do that at school too because they must relax their brain and develop some social skills during brakes when they will want to play. Only by playing, they will have the courage to show their personality and communicate with other kids. Near the playground equipment, they will understand why they have to wait for their turn and they will also exercise self-control. Even the most hesitating child will start talking with the peers after a while because playing makes them feel very comfortable. They will have enough time to observe what is happening and watch other kids, meaning that they will improve their vision.

Healthy benefits of playground equipment

It is not good at all to let children stay in a classroom all day long because they will become very frail and predisposed to developing different diseases. It is also possible to become very anxious and afraid to talk with their colleagues. All the children should go out and play during brakes because they need to discover the world and exercise more. They have to be very active because their muscles and bones have to grow stronger. It is also important to let the sun touch their skin because they need vitamin D.

Children need to develop mental skills

During their first years, children must play as much as possible because they need to develop their motor skills. Using playground equipment, they will become more active and they will make different exercises that will help their brain make more connections. This sensory experience is very precious because they will understand better the world and they will become healthier. After finishing school, parents should bring their children to a playground or they can also create a little one in their backyard.



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