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Feb 27

The Disadvantages of a Free Education

Everyone heard about government founded schools. These schools are supposed to offer free education, but every person that had a decent amount of education can safely say that there is no such think as free anything.

You should consider it twice if you are a parent and if you are seriously thinking of sending your children to a public school. The government that founds these schools to offer you this free education might smile to you and make you think it actually is free but if you sit down and think about it you will realize that you are actually paying for your education.

If you read some free education articles, you will see that the public schools are often under- founded when you compare the equipment they have to the one that is found in a school that you are asked to pay for. The teachers from private schools are more motivated to teach since as opposed to the public schools the number of students they have in a classroom is much lower thus allowing them to better cover the entire class which will convert into better grades.

Another disadvantage of the public schools is that the grades of their students are higher. You might say that that is actually a good think but even though they are better you will find easily that that great score is not really as relevant as it should since the tests they get are the same every year between the classes so one can spread the word and the tests become obsolete then.

Having your kid learn side by side with another that can’t even afford to take a bath is considered a disadvantage by most parents. However, this is only a matter of prejudice. In most cases, its very good for children to socialize with other children of different backgrounds. However, according to numerous free education articles, employers are all aware of the fact that public schools have lower standards to grades don’t matter that much in the future. A kid from a public school will have a harder time to get a good job in comparison to the private school graduates.

The people in charge of a public school will be less effective in the case of a social situation at their school ten in a paid for school.  This is so mostly because of the high amounts of documents you have to fill out as an administrator in order to see some rewords.

In my opinion the biggest disadvantage of learning into a public school is that you are not only lied to about the fact that it is a free school but the fact that your kids are taught to lie as well is just disgraceful. If you care about your kids future you should demand what you paid for!


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