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Apr 27

Student accommodation – how to settle in

Student accommodation is where most students live in their first year of university or college. The truth is that student accommodation is a great place to start your life away from home as an independent person. Not only will you be in your own place, but you will have a network of peers around you. The odds are that you will have many questions on your mind. What will student accommodation Aberystwyth be like? Will you like the lectures? Will you settle in nicely? The following tips will help you survive shared living. Once you are there, you will get the hang of it immediately.

Your bedroom matters

When it comes to combating the feeling of homesickness that you will definitely experience in the first few weeks, the bedroom matters a lot. What you should remember is that your room is not just a simple bedroom. It is a living room, study and meeting place. Taking into consideration that you will have guests over, you should think about what kind of message your décor sends. Leave behind anything that gives the impression that you are childish. Also, you should consider the fact that people that visit you will help themselves to anything that is on offer, so if you have anything fancy, make sure to hide it as it can get broken. Nonetheless, even if you create an environment that feels homely, it is still natural to miss home at some point during your university experience.

Acclimatise to living with others

It is important to recognize that living with others is highly difficult, but you can easily sort out difficulties and end up making friends for life. Do not think that you do not have to make the first person you encounter your friend for life. You should take time to meet everyone in your surroundings and keep in mind that lasting relationships develop naturally. If you are struggling to find something in common with other university students, then consider using university or social media channels to reach to a wider audience in a positive way. Try to be the one to start the conversation by looking for someone that lives in the same area as you or by searching for someone that has a common passion.

Cooking, shopping and household chores

If you live in shared accommodation, then you will be living with a bunch of people for at least one year. When it comes to cooking, shopping and household chores, it is essential to find a way to figure out responsibilities. Cooking is the central part of your home and there are many ways you can cook with your flatmates. You can either cook as a group, this option being by far the cheapest one, or you can cook independently. With regards to shopping essentials, you should group shop because it is more practical and it allows for personal preferences. Last but not least, establish the household chores from the very beginning. Each person should bring his contribution to the cleaning.


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