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Mar 21

Short guide for students studying abroad

If you have always been a diligent student and you want to make the best out of your educational experience, then you should probably try applying for a school abroad. There are so many convenient programs in so many countries, that you will definitely something suitable for your specialisation and profile. Edinburgh, for instance, is a great college city offering students a multitude of options. So in case you have applied and you have been accepted to start your adventure there, all you have to do right now is start preparing your trip. There are so many things you have to take care of when temporary moving to a new city than you will probably feel overwhelmed. However, if you plan everything in advance and make sure you do not leave anything on the last minute, there is nothing to worry about.

Take care of administrative issues

The last thing you want when you move to a new city is to wander from one place to another and deal with administrative issues. It is difficult enough that you do not know around, so remember that having a place of your own is not only safe, but also a motivation boost. Fortunately, there are plenty of student accommodation Edinburgh options, available for people just like you. You can get your own condo in exchange for a price customised for your student revenues, so start your “home” search with some time in advance. Besides this, remember to prepare your stay according to your new location: create an account on a local bank, learn where you should pay your bills and so on. These may seem complicated, but try to get in touch with someone who had a similar experience and you will find out all the useful details you need.

Learn about local customs, culture and people

Although the culture of your destination may not be strikingly different from the one of your original country, you still have to be prepared. You may not have a great cultural shock, but being away from home will make everything seem more complicated. For this reason, you need to take some time and get familiar with your new residential city. Knowing even briefly some relevant details will be extremely useful especially in the first days after you arrive, when you are likely to feel lost and home sick. Read about the locals’ customs, geography, weather conditions, economy, political aspects and so on. All these are actual life savers and will help you not to look strange when interacting with local people. In addition to this, they will make your stay more meaningful and pleasant.

As you can see, when relocating to start school in another city, there are two main aspects you have to prepare: administrative and cultural. Keep in mind to do all the paperwork and service booking (tickets, accommodation etc) before you leave – this helps you save time, money and efforts. Learn about your adoptive society and it will be way easier to get integrated.


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