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May 8

Private tutoring – the most frequently asked questions


When it comes to children, parents want the best education for them. However, it may happen sometimes that what they learn in school is not enough for them to pass their final exams. Either the teacher they have does not know how to deal with a classroom full of students, or the children themselves cannot concentrate enough in the classroom. The best solution in this situation is to resort to private tutoring. Searching for “11 Plus mock exams tuition Harrow” on the Internet may give you an idea on the benefits that come with this, but there may still be some questions that need answers, so here are the most frequently asked ones.

It is said that private tutors charge a fortune. Is it true?

Many parents avoid hiring private tutors for their children because they are of the opinion that they will spend a great deal of money on these services, as all tutors charge a fortune. In reality though, the price for tutoring services varies a lot depending on various factors: the tutor, the subject, the location where the children will be tutored and so on. Some specialists may charge more for subjects that require more time to be studied, such as science for instance. On the other hand, prices may be lower if the tutoring services are performed via the Internet. Make the best decision for your child based on his or her needs mostly, not on the price, if you want the best education for them.

How qualified do tutors need to be?

In the UK, there are no specifications related to qualifications for tutors, which means that qualification levels can vary from one tutor to another. Mostly, they tend to be educated to degree level, but this is not always a rule. Your child can get great results in the exam if they are tutored by a student who specialized in that specific subject for instance. It is best though to ask for some recommendations or to do some background check on the tutor before hiring them.

How long do these lessons last?

This also depends on the tutor and on the way they organize their time. Usually, private tutoring services are priced by the hour. It is advisable you discuss this aspect with the tutor before your child starts the lessons to have everything cleared out.

Where to look for private tutors?

People believe it is a challenge to find a great tutor nowadays, but with the Internet at their fingertips, things couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is browse the World Wide Web and you will immediately have the best results.


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