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Jul 4

Items you should bring when moving in a student accommodation

Moving from home is a major step in every young person’s life, and if you have chosen to attend a faculty far away from home, you should be prepared for an independent life. Even if you might not want to, and you consider that your parents would be there for you constantly, this would not be the case when you were going to move, because they would be at a long distance from you, and you would not be able to get their help every time you need it. Therefore, when moving in a student accommodation, you would discover how many things you were not aware of while staying home and this is the reason you should pay attention to some key items you should bring with you when moving in a student housing Newcastle. You would definitely find them very useful when you would move in a new town, and there would be anyone you know.

Bedroom key items

When thinking about bedroom, your mother has been the one who has bought and changed your bedclothes and pillows. Well, from this point on, you will be the one who will handle all these things. Even if the property owner would provide you clean bedclothes, when leaving home for the first time, you would not find comfortable to sleep in unknown sheets, so you would like to have your own. In addition, the pillow is very important, because you might have a certain model at home, and you will experience pains if you change it. When thinking to other bedroom essentials, you would also have to consider the hangers, because they would prove very useful to organise your clothes.

Bathrooms essential items

The first things you should bring with you when moving in a new space are the ones you would use on a daily basis. Therefore, do not forget about the soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and moisture.  It is also important to include in your baggage a first aid kit, and if you do not have one at home, you should buy it as soon as you get at the student space, because you would definitely want to move items around the room, and you might get hurt. You should also consider having a laundry bag, because you would need to use it when taking the dirty clothes to the washroom.

Kitchen essentials

Every student accommodation facility features a kitchen area, but in the majority of cases, this is one of the shared spaces, and you would have to bring your own items when you want to use it. The main items you would need are some plates and bowls and you have to check to see if they are microwavable. Do not forget about the forks, spoons and knives, because these are items that could not be borrowed, and it is important to have more from the same type. In case you know that you would like to cook, do not forget about the baking tray.


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