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Jun 13

How to Turn a Basement into the Perfect Homeschool Environment

Home schooling is a must, no matter if your children go to an actual school or not. If you have a basement at your disposal, it’s a shame not to use it for helping the child.
Make a special environment for him in which the child can do the homework after school in peace, without any distraction, and where you can do additional work with him.
If you intend to create a special place for your children to study and do their homework in, read the following lines, where we will show you how you can turn the basement into the perfect environment for home schooling.


Because the basement is a very dark room, you have to make sure you have enough light sources to create a pleasant environment.
In addition to the basic ceiling lights, add lamps in various fun and playful shapes for the child to feel more relaxed when he enters the once creepy basement, making him focus better due to their cute aesthetic.
Make sure to use energy efficient light bulbs, like compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent light bulbs, protecting the environment by using them, and teaching your little one a lesson about protecting our precious planet at the same time.


The basement is by far the most problematic area of the house when it comes to humidity, having high levels of humidity that may favor the appearance of mold and mildew.
Use the best rated dehumidifier for basement to stabilize the humidity level in the basement, because unhealthy levels of humidity can be very dangerous for both children, and adults.
According to most reviews, the best rated dehumidifier for basement is the Fral FDK4 dehumidifier, and it comes at the price of $1100.It efficiently dehumidifies any area up to 1600 square feet, being ideal for any mid-sized basement, it’s whisper quiet, therefore it won’t attract the attention of the child when it’s operating, and it has a very low energy consumption of only 510 watts.

Air quality

The quality of the air in the basement isn’t great, therefore you have to take measures to ensure that your child isn’t breathing contaminated air.
To make sure the air quality is great, and that no bacteria or any type of contaminant can harm your child, use air purifiers in the basement.
They are great for allergic people and those who suffer from asthma as well, and they efficiently eliminate up to 99% of all the contaminants found in the air.
They come in different shapes and sizes, you can even find air purifiers shaped like cute animals, and there are models that come at affordable prices that work as well as the more expensive ones, therefore don’t waste any more time and buy one for the basement right away if you intend to use that area of the house as a home schooling room.


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