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Sep 5

How to Organize a Successful Laundry Fundraising

Educational institutions have always struggled with low budgets. This is due to the fact that education brings no profit in the short run and governments never seem to have enough money to invest in the long term benefits of education. In fact, education has never had such a low budget as it has today. So the need for successful educational fund raising events is stronger than ever. Today we are going to teach you how to raise money for schools with laundry fundraisers.

Where most fundraisers go wrong

The problem with most fundraisers is that they put the focus on the need for raising money. In theory, that makes sense because you are organizing a fundraiser to raise money for a project that needs funding. However, you are trying to get money from people, and if you want to be successful, your focus should be on the people’s needs.

Why choose laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is one of the most common consumable goods in a household. So basically, by organizing a fundraising event, you would be asking the community to support a project that you believe in, by buying something that they already need. Everybody buys laundry detergent, from teachers, to parents, neighbors and most family members. By participating in such a fundraiser, the community won’t feel like they are actually giving away money, because they would be purchasing something that they already need. It is an effortless action for them, and this leads to a win-win situation. No more forcing the community to sponsor an event that may not be a priority for them! No more selling useless items that nobody is ever going to use. By appealing to a basic need of the community, you will be able to achieve your fundraising goals.

Organizing tips

The trick to putting together a successful fundraising program is to collaborate with a reputable company. We advise you to visit the website, where you will find a trustworthy company that sells high quality liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners. The laundry products are produced in the USA, so you will also be supporting the national economy by collaborating with this company. The products are a lot more affordable than anything that you will find in a supermarket. Moreover, you will also be provided with order forms for your fundraiser participants and you get to keep a large percentage of the profits.


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