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Dec 29

How to Manage Your Time in College

You just got into college and you’re starting to feel the pressure. This is mostly because you feel like you don’t have enough time to finish everything that you want to do.

The way to success is to manage you time with the help of an agenda.  You can use either a paper one with a pen or you can use an electronic one we don’t suggest you o use it on the laptop if you chose to use a digital version of a to do list since it is to big and you might not always have it on hand. So we recommend the notebook or the blackberry/smart phone version.

Now that you have a notebook or a blackberry you will say wow joy I already had those before so what… Well the idea with items is the same as with time if you use them properly they will be beneficial to you otherwise hey will be just a waste. Therefore let’s start filing the agenda/blackberry with our day to day activities focusing on two aspects the college and the free time/party time.

Making lists is the key to success you should make a list for every important step of a project you have for college or even for your job if you have one. Just make sure you leave space to make notes and place check signs. During the day you should always consult your agenda and follow the order on the to-do lists by their priority. Set milestones on your lists for bigger projects these can spread over more days or even weeks or months.

Keep in mind that although working alone is more rewording from the self esteem point of view and usually from a financial point of view as well, for some persons it is more rewording to work in a team and to be able to achieve something with a team even if the fame and money are shared among the team, a team will always work better then a single person from all points of view but especially from the time management point of view where it surpasses the single person work exponentially. Try to work in teams regardless of project be it for work or college, you will notice you will save valuable time by asking for help from colleagues.

At the end of the day check your agenda and you will notice an improvement but hen you will check it at the end of the month you will be surprised by the progress you had compared to the time when you didn’t used this system.


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