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Dec 19

How to grow independent children – summer camps

Children nowadays seem to be a lot more sensitive and needy. However, this is not entirely their fault. Parents lately have become more protective, which limits the children a lot. Not giving them the liberty of making mistakes and learning from them has a bad impact on their development as adults later in life. However, a good option for those parents who want their children to become more self-sufficient and independent are summer camps. Luckily, there are options for both boys and girls sleepaway camps. Below are some ways children regardless of their gender might enjoy and benefit from attending such facilities.

Make friends by themselves outside family or school

Until a certain age, our children have as friends children from the proximity of our residence, family friends or school. It is not oftentimes a matter of choice. Meeting children from a different context is benefic, because this encourages them in becoming more sociable, more understanding regarding the fact that not all of us come from the same social, political or religious context, not all of us have the same passions and preferences. In summer camps, all children have their particularities and learning to properly approach them surely increases the level on independence.

Developing higher levels of self-esteem   

Both boys and girls are under a lot of external pressure, making them doubt their actions, appearance and knowledge. The fact they are away from home and having to manage a big part of their tasks all by themselves is increasing their acknowledging level of their own capacities. On the other hand, regarding their own image on their own bodies, a summer camp might also help. Also, not all children have the same frame, not all look like the models in magazines, which makes them more aware about the fact that normal people are far from the promoted images on different media channels. Becoming more aware that all of us have our faults, may boost their confidence.

Summer camps let children grow into leaders

Summer camps mean many activities, individual or team ones. Team sports might help them gain more initiative, coordinating skills as well as enough charm for becoming more leader-like. Leadership is not helping children only in a context of a team game, but also later in life. Acquiring those leader attributes will surely help at a workplace, college and even personal relationship, romantic or not. Teach your children have a good approach on life.

Lots of physical activity

Generally, physical activity has a great impact on our general well-being and emotions. However, lately children seemed to enjoy more sedentary activities and this surely endangers their health state. In summer camps, however, all children have a strict schedule and a great part of it consists in performing a variety of sports, such as biking, swimming and paddling.

As you can easily see, taking your little ones in a sports summer camp surely has many benefits, for their health state as well as for character.


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