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Nov 3

Guide for theatre managers – Safety and equipment

As a theatre manager, you must always make sure both your employees and audience are safe at any point of a show. With so much equipment and tricks, it can be quite difficult to do so oftentimes. In a best-case scenario, you would hire a professional team to help you with safety and stage lifting equipment, enabling you to avoid work accidents. These are quite frequent in this field, and finding proper help will certainly help you avoid tragedies. However, below are some simple safety rules every theatre manager should adopt.

Treat the curtains with a fireproof solution

Avoid fire tragedies by applying to all of your curtains and drapes a fireproof treatment. This way, you can be sure that no heat source placed by them will cause an accident. Have in mind that curtains are highly flammable a catastrophe can easily occur if you don’t give them proper care. Place extinguishers near all curtains are all sources of heat as well.

Provide adequate equipment to all of your staff members

All equipment should be specially designed for the tasks they perform. For example, try to avoid loose fitting equipment for those handling electric installations. They can suffer from a variety of work accidents if they are not alert enough to identify possible dangers.

Signal all the exits and entrances properly

In case of emergency, it is crucial for all your audience to know where the exits are, some minimum rules for evacuation. In this virtue, you might want to hand some flyers with a minimum set of rules to follow in cases of emergencies.

Hire a professional team to help you with safety matters

Some companies specialized in providing safety services for business like these and they can simply supervise the theatre while a play takes place, help you to elevate illuminating systems, for example, help you properly maintain the electric equipment, they can provide consultancy for a variety of matters, as well as solutions for possible problems your staff might have. Regardless of the purpose of your theatre, you can surely benefit from their help, because they have experienced employees with various qualifications.

Here are some simple steps to make sure you have a safe theatre. You must always follow those to be sure you avoid work accidents, fires and other calamities. Remember that some professionals might have the answers you’re looking for.


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