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Jul 26

Get Your Golf Education and Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Career

If you are into golf and you want to improve your game, or even starting a career in this sport, you must dedicate yourself to learning the secrets and tricks of this gentlemen’s sport. Lessons taught by a professional golfer will cost you some money, but it will be the best investment you’ll make. The lessons from those who “know it all” you will most likely ruin your game and it will take some time before you will correct your moves, therefore, the best places where you can learn golf are golf courses and golf clubs and you don’t need to be a member of any club to take lessons from a professional golfer.

What playing golf means

Before answering “why golf?”, it is useful to know “What is golf?”. Simplistically described, it is the sport where a ball is moved from one place to another, by successive shots with metal bats called clubs. The aim of the game is to place the ball in a “cup flag” with a minimum number of “hits”. This is done in series for 18 cups dispersed over about 60 ha, thus generating a ball journey of at least 7 km over various obstacles and the distance to each cup is between 150 and 600 meters.

Take professional golf lessons

Official PGA Academies offer professional lessons for those who want to improve their game and start a career in golf. You can choose from many training packages, depending on your game level and the level you want to reach.
At the first lessons, you will train in the “driving range”, which is a training stand right next to the golf field. As you will often miss the small white ball and ruin the groomed lawn, most teachers will not let you play immediately on the field. A minimum level of skills is required in almost all golf classes before being “left open” to play the field and it is better that way, because it would be frustrating to often accelerate the putter(or club) without moving the ball. Basic skills can be learned in golf for a small cost, from a trainer which for some reason is called “pro”. Training balls can be rented, reducing another significant expense.

Call for the help of the rangefinder

The secret for great shots to the ball is knowing which club to choose for a specific shot, by calculating the distance from the ball to the flag. This is a difficult operation that requires precision, and you can get greater accuracy with the help of a rangefinder, which is a device that uses a lens or a laser to estimate the distance and calculate which club is appropriate for a certain shot. If you check out some laser golf rangefinder reviews, you will see that these devices come with countless features. Some of them even takes slopes into account. However, slope rangefinders are not allowed in official golf competitions, therefore if you want to start a career in golf, you must use the slope rangefinder only to gain experience during the first lessons. For competitions, check out laser golf rangefinder reviews and pick a slope-less model.


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