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Jul 20

Extra activities in day nurseries – how important are they?

The concept of the ideal day nursery has changed a lot in the past decade, in light of the various studies showing that children need a wide array of activities from an early age in order to grow healthily and harmoniously. If in the 1970s the average nursery was nothing but an educational establishment, where small children would receive basic literacy and mathematics lessons, together with care and supervision, now, a nursery is much more than that. Apart from the basics, a prestigious day nursey Hendon provides an extensive array of extra activities meant to further educate, entertain and inspire small children. Depending on the nursery, these activities range from intensive foreign language classes all the way to creative activities such as dancing or painting. Why do they matter?


Education through various media

The idea that children only need math and literacy lessons is now obsolete. On the contrary, a healthy child can be educated in many ways. Even something such as dancing, is not in the curriculum just to pass the time and entertain kids. On the contrary, it helps them develop coordination, work with a partner, not to mention that it keeps them healthy and fit. Meanwhile, activities such as painting develop creativity, teaching kids how to express themselves by using the paint and brush. Then there are foreign languages, which, for small children, have quite a low level of difficulty, but they form a solid basis that will help them learn faster later on. Besides, they get accustomed to the notion of a foreign language from an early age.


Quality time that matters

Depending on the parents’ schedule, a child can spend anywhere between four and eight hours in day care every day. That’s up to 40 hours a week and parents mustn’t forget that the way children spend their time in early years is very important. Math and literacy are very important, but a 4-year-old child should do much more than that. Otherwise, this is wasted time. Keep in mind that the way a child spends most of his time is tremendously important for his healthy upbringing. If he spends eight hours memorizing things, this is not healthy. On the contrary, their activities should be diverse and they should have a good time. The last thing you want is for your little on to spend years in a place that does not bring him any joy and inhibits him.


Discovering what your child likes

All the extra activities in day care centers are included there for a purpose and you can rest assured that you, as a parent or guarding, will be kept up to date with what your child likes and what he’s good at. It might seem minor, but day care is when you start seeing talents and tendencies for the first time. For example, if your child is good with numbers or at painting, you’ll find out and encourage him to take up this activity in the future.


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