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Jun 11

Educational Institutions Decide to Install Water Filters for the Health of Children

As nowadays many people face the problem of unhealthy and dirty water, they start to realize the dangers it can represent for the health and decide to install water filters that can clean the water from residues, impurities, sand, rust, and minerals. Lately more and more homeowners turned towards whole house water filter system reviews in an effort to find the best water filtration solutions so that they could protect the health of their families. However, what if you make the most in order to protect your child from water contaminants yet he ends up coming in constant with these contaminants as school. Water purity seems to be a major concern in most schools. However, there is a bright side. After the media raised awareness on some serious situations regarding water contamination in public schools from around the world, a few schools decided to take action and they turned to water filtration solutions.

Clean water in schools in Arvin, Lamont

In South Kern County, Community Action Partnership of Kern, the Arvin Union School District and Community Water Center are initiating procedures and securing funding to install water filters that will assure safe drinking water to the local schools. Water filters will be installed in the cooking areas and the playgrounds’ fountains and faucets, as well as on the hallways. Community Water Center, a non-profit organization working with communities that lack safe water, stated that many rural communities have troubles in receiving clean and safe water, therefore, procedures to install water filters in these areas have been started.
“Since last year, we have been assessing the water needs and analyzing different filters on the market that will combat the water pollution and will deliver fresh water in schools” Shen Huang, technical analyst of Community Water Center, said in a news interview.

Water filters installed in Sri Lanka

Ten students from American University of Sharjah (AUS) have recently returned to the country from Sri Lanka where they helped install Hydraid BioSand water filtration systems for poor communities in Badulla district, as an initiative of the AUS Engineers Without Borders Club supervised by the Office of Student Affairs. A BioSand filter is a water filtering system that is designed for daily use by households that do not have the possibility to access safe or treated water. These filters remove 95 to 99 percent of organic contaminants, including bacteria, particles of sand and dirt, viruses, and worms. The students also the Mayor of Badulla, which sincerely thanked them for their support in bringing to the community what most of us take for granted, which is clean and safe water. The group worked with the Badulla Municipal Council, which provided them with workspace and equipment. The students worked every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and did all the manual work themselves, from testing the materials and performing the analysis to educating the locals about the assembly and the maintenance of the filters.

The students stated it was a great pleasure and honor to be able to participate in this educational-humanitarian initiative to help unprivileged communities to access such an important natural resource. Similar initiatives have been started in Nepal, Cambodia, and Haiti, in order to allow access to free clean and healthy water. Believe it or not, even in the USA there have been some schools that faced serious water contamination threats. This is to be expected considering that the only people in the USA who drink tap water are those who have water filters. If you are unaware of whether or not your tap water is safe for drinking, do a chemical analysis on it. depending on the results of the analysis, you can research some whole house water filter system reviews and find the best product for your needs.


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