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Jan 28

Educational Games & Handouts About Art

Every parent wants his kid to have a good education and a developed taste for art from as early as possible. There are many ways to achieve this but the simplest way to get your kids to do something it is and has always been to present the think that they are about to do as a game that way they will be able to gather the information we want them to gather without hesitation. But now we can actually present them with a game that is fun and that can incorporate all the elements we want our kids to learn and appreciate.

These games are not in use from just a few years they exist from way longer then the pc. This games are logical games that can involve matching colors, matching a carton card with a chicken to a different one on which it states birds or trying to pare two cartons of the same type. The most common educational games for kids from as far back as we can remember is the one where they color something.

Children and humans loved to color and to sketch and draw pictures of other humans or animals and plants even from the time of the dinosaurs. The good think about a sketch in comparison to a picture is that the first stimulates your imagination while the second presents the reality as it is and doesn’t allow your mid to go roaming free and discover new possibilities. Nowadays our kids play with rockets looking at a space map, now that is not an educational game at all. Some people are starting to get concerned about this since so many think that the children are not using their imagination anymore, we as their parents and grandpas/grandmas used to play with sticks bottle caps and branches with leaves on them and we believed we are in a spaceship traveling in the universe.

The luckiest of our children play now with building blocks in an effort to increase their imagination. But most of today’s children’s are playing educational games on the pc. This is good in a way and bad in another many children have difficulties now in and writing because of this since writing on a pc is so much different then writing with your hand. Writing with the pc can be realized by a well trained monkey since all you have to do is hit a key and you get what you want, but hand writing involves so much more then a simple hit of a button you actually have to command more then two muscles to bend twist and give birth to all sort of shapes sizes of drawings representing writing.


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