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Mar 24

Career opportunities for certified welders – where to look for work

Most people believe that welders do not have too many job opportunities to choose from. However, they could not have been any more wrong than this. If that welder also owns a certification, the chances for them to find a better-paid job compared to uncertified welders significantly increase. As a result, if you decide to follow a career in this domain, it is recommended to attend some professional welding classes Toronto and become an expert in this field. Below are a few examples of industries where welding jobs can be found.

Ship building industry

Ships are being built everyday around the world and there are even more ships that need periodical repair. This is the reason why there are so many welders in this industry. In order for the companies to make sure their employees are well trained, most of these firms seek only for certified welders. There is a wide variety of ships you can help build and aircraft carriers or specialty research vessels are only two good examples.

Military support jobs

It is commonly known that military involves large troops and a lot of military equipment, such as armament and tanks. There are many military support jobs in this industry and most of them are run by various contracting companies, which are specialized in repairing military equipment, along with building infrastructure. As a result, there are many welders that work in this industry and this can be a great career opportunity for any certified welder.

Underwater welding

Even though it might be hard to believe, welders can work even at the bottoms of the ocean if necessary. Underwater welding requires some specialized skills and some professional training courses. It is true that this is probably one of the most difficult areas of welding, but it is rewarding too. You can go to some places where no one has ever been before. People who are specialized in underwater welding have the opportunity to travel the world, since they are always going from one job site to another and the demand for good welders is continuously growing.

Motor sports

Everyone has seen at least one motor sports on TV, but what some people do not know is that this domain provides great job opportunities for certified welders. The pit crews are always looking for good and well-trained welders to take them with the racing team around the world, since nearly everything that involves motorsports is made out of metal.


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