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Aug 27

Be An Active Mother so Your Children are Active Too

Being a mother is no easy job, no matter how young or old your children are; as long as they are still in your care, you have to provide them with stability and structure, and  guide them towards becoming complete, balanced adults who know their way in life. The real challenge is to still find some time for yourself, to not lose your self while caring for others. Time will be limited definitely, but there are ways around that. One way to make yourself feel better and more confident, to maintain your role as woman as well, is to be physically active, to maintain your body and mind health. Combining this with taking care of your children is easier than you think, because children tend to be active by default. You just have to use that to channel their energy and get a chance to perform those activities which model your body and lift your spirits.

Recent studies have shown that active mothers will also have more active children, by power of example. Seeing you enjoy movement and activity, your kids will be inspired to be active and energetic as well. There is no doubt about the fact that being physically active is essential for the health; thus, it is just as important to get an education in that sense as early as possible. Children who will practice sports, enjoy the outdoors, or be naturally used to movement, will grow into adults who are aware of their bodies and what they need and who will not find it difficult at all to keep maintaining that health.

Be Active Together!

As a mother, you just have to decide what kinds of activities you could do that would tone your body, but which would be fun for the children as well. The studies mentioned earlier went on to show that for every minute the parent was active, the child was likely to be ten times more active. Mothers as experts in child physical activity is not unheard of, and you can become one too by managing to find activities that your children will love. Running is one of the most common and useful forms of activity, and children sure love to run around. Take them out to the park and challenge them to a race, make them compete with each other while you do some stretches, and bring even the dog with you, it will make for a fun family day.

Going to the pool is another activity that will benefit both you and the kids; not only is it important for them to learn swimming at an early age, but to grow interested in a variety of activities and feel confident doing them. It is more than simple to be both a mother and a woman, to look good and feel good, all while knowing you are doing what is right for your children.


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