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Sep 7

Are you a nanny? Teach children these lessons


As a nanny, you have the role of helping the children you are taking care to become better persons and to improve their skills. But when you do not have so much experience, you might not know exactly what your priorities should be when trying to teach them. Well, you should not worry anymore, because here are some tips that would help you offer children a great education, and their parents would totally love you, and recommend you to other persons. Also, it is advisable to collaborate with a professional nanny agency as when you want to get in touch with possible clients, because they would offer you the possibility to work with respectful persons, who are willing to offer their support in taking care of their children.

Teach the children to be respectful

This is one of the most important lessons a child must learn from a nanny, because you are a stranger, who comes into their house, and they have to listen to your suggestions, and respect not only you, but all the persons they come in touch with. It is important to learn the new generations be polite and courteous, because if they act appropriately, they would be appreciated by the other persons. Therefore, teach them that it is not nice to scream and curse, and they have to use proper manners both at home, when they are at a play spot or in a store. Also, they should be taught to be ready on time, because later when going to school they would have to meet deadlines, and this lesson would prove very useful.

Help them improve housekeeping skills

If you manage to teach the children, some housekeeping skills the parents would be more than contempt. Also in this way, you help them become independent, because their parents or you would not be around all their life and they would have to deal by themselves with some things. They should learn how to vacuum their room, clean the floor, and dust the furniture. Their room should not be the only one they care, they could also offer you and their parents help in the kitchen by washing the dishes.

Teach them that money matters

Other lesson they could learn is the value of money, because if they can understand that their parents are struggling to offer them the best things in life, they would learn to manage their budget later in life. In the end, they would be able to determine what the difference between a want and a need is.

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