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Jun 23

Are Schools Safe?

When parents send their children to school, they want to know that they will be safe, away from dangers and accidents. However, there are some occasions when schools are not as safe as they should be, which means that the safety and security measures must be strengthened in order to keep the students at safe.

There are many cases of violence inside schools

If parents think that the biggest problem of their children at school is that someone is stealing their lunch, they should know that the school violence has reached higher and alarming levels. Most accidents in schools occur due to the lack of vigilance of teachers and guardians who are supposed to protect the students. Students get into fights that are not stopped in time and some of them take revenge to the next level and bring at school guns, knives and other weapons that are extremely dangerous and absolutely forbidden in schools. There are other cases when strangers manage to enter the school and cause chaos and fights either because they are lunatics or because they came to protect a certain student who got into a fight. School thefts have also increased lately and the consequences have ranged from minor damages to an attempt of murder when the victim tried to oppose the thief.

How can the school safety be increased

  • All these situations should alarm both parents and the school officials who must take extra safety precautions that will assure the students’ safety. First of all, problematic students must enjoy counseling that will help them solve their issues without resorting to violence.
  • Parents must also talk to their children and advise them to behave while they are at school or on the way to school. They have to explain to their children that fights can hurt people and can even get them hurt, so violence is not a solution.
  • The students’ entourage is also important and no suspicious stranger should be left in the school. The security should be more strict, everyone who enters the school must be registered and the guardians must search the students in the morning to make sure they don’t bring dangerous objects to school.
  • A quality security camera system is the best safety measure that can be installed in schools, as it will allow the school guards to observe what is happening in classrooms, on the hallways, and in the school’s yard. A school with an efficient security system is less likely to attract troublemakers, both insiders and outsiders. You can find a lot of modern security camera systems and most of them feature 2-6 cameras but allow you the option to add as many cameras to the system as you would like.

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