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Apr 8

Acting school or university – which one offers more benefits

In the majority of cases, when someone wants to become an actor, has to decide if to attend the classes provided by an acting school, or to enroll to a famous university. The fact is that they do not know what the differences between them are, and they do not know which would suit them better. The question is what they want to do, and what plans they have the following period, because enrolling to a university means spending the next years going to courses and preparing for exams. In this article, you would find what are the differences between an ecole de theatre Paris and a university.

What makes drama school different?

A drama school is either, a drama –based department of a school or university, or an independent institution. Depending on the institution, they could offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. Many of the famous actors had not attended famous university; they rather enrolled to the classes provided by drama schools. They had chosen this option, because when following the classes provided by an acting school, they could opt for a particular type of class. The majority of the teachers who collaborate with this type of institutions are well known actors, and they have plenty of experience in this domain, so they share their students, real-life lessons. These schools are perfect for the persons who do not want to spend many years in studying the history of acting and attending boring classes. The courses from an acting school are designed according to a subject, and they last no longer, than a couple of months. After graduating the classes of this type of school, you will have the possibility to attend other ones, which might help you, improve your skills, and further collaborate with your teachers, for offering you advice in the future.

What makes universities different?

A university is an institution of higher education, which offers students the opportunity to get all kinds of degrees. In case you want to enroll to a university program, you do not have to worry because you will be accepted very easy. The difference between acting schools and universities is that when applying at an acting school, they accept a very small number of students, and they carefully select them. A University could be a good way of introducing yourself into the world of acting, but you have to study hard for many years, and you will not benefit from the actor training you will need to attend to other classes after graduating. So, you might notice that after studying for 3 or 4 years you are not able to handle an audition. Also, if you want to become a movie star, you will not need a degree, because you will have to give an audition and show that you are the right person for it. You might be attracted to the fact that at the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to play in the showcase, but there are small chances for an important person to attend them.


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