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Jul 16

About the Department of Education

The need for education brought the need for rules and regulations; these would have not been possible without a department of education.

The form of today’s department of education has took shape in the year 1980 by gathering the attributions of many federal agencies. In 1967 a department of education was created but it was demoted to an office one year later.

The administration and coordination of the schools had to be done trough some policies and lows which have been developed by the department of education and that preserved the privacy of the civil rights. The department of education cannot create schools or colleges.

This department had plenty of discussions regarding it’s use and many people tied to destroy it because it gave to much power to the government. During the command of G.W. Bush the department of education focused on elementary and middle schools.

The budget of this department grew over the years substantially, if in the year 2006 the sum allocated for it was of 57 billions in 2011 this budget was of 69.9 billions.

All this brought some good changes and unfortunately some bad ones as well. The segregation from schools was abolished but so was the full equality of chances.

It is still hard to believe that not further then 50 years ago people of black color were not allowed to enter the schools of black.


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