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May 1

5 Reasons Why Every School Should Have a Green Schoolyard

Green schoolyards can help both students and teachers to bond with nature and find ways to take a moment to relax. When students feel relaxed they can retain information better and stay focus for longer times. Of course, these are not the only advantages of the green schoolyard movement. In this article, you’ll learn why it’s extremely beneficial for a school to own a green schoolyard. Let’s start with these 5 main reasons.

Access to nature

One of the most important reason why a schoolyard should build a green schoolyard is the fact that kids can connect with nature, regardless of the city they live in. Each and every child will therefore have the opportunity to spend some valuable time with their classmates and teachers in nature every day. A daily access in nature can help kids forget about the digital world and learn more about the ecology, geography and the culture of the community they live in.

The environment is preserved

Green schoolyards are not only educational, but also Eco-friendly. Building a green schoolyard requires many natural and recycled materials. Using recycled materials to create a green schoolyard is a great way to decrease the level of pollution in the air. It’s also important to use Eco-friendly devices when maintaining the lawn. For example, using one of the best electric lawn mowers is a great alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers which are responsible for causing pollution.

Learning and teaching methods are improved

There are many studies who show that students who are studying in an outdoor settings, hence a green schoolyard, can learn more quickly and more efficiently. Teachers also appreciate the green schoolyard movement because they can take advantage of the outdoor environment to put into practice more efficient teaching methods.

It improves overall health and wellness

Another main advantage of building a green schoolyard is the fact that kids have now access to plenty of activities. Exercising in nature or playing with other kids is a great way to prevent obesity and improve general health. In addition, cooking and gardening programs can promote a healthier lifestyle and help children require various skills. Furthermore, spending time in nature can help lower blood pressure and thus improve the wellbeing of both children and teachers.

It sends a message of optimism and hope

Spending time in a green schoolyard can help children become more confident and optimistic towards their future. When children learn and play together on a regular basis they eventually become empowered and learn about the importance of making a difference in this world. Moreover, a green schoolyard is not as expensive or time consuming as one might seem. If you opt for a lawn, you only need to water it and mow it occasionally, which is a piece of cake if you buy one of the best electric lawn mowers. Planting trees is even better as they don’t require any maintenance.


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